Thousands of families feel the impact of cardiac arrest each year, but if more people knew what to do before an emergency, more lives could be saved.

C.A.R.E. for a Heart, by St John Ambulance, will help you be ready to act if faced with a cardiac arrest.

Follow the four simple steps of C.A.R.E. now, to give those you love the best chance of survival.

If you come across someone in cardiac arrest, you have to act fast. Give them the best chance to live by learning what to do.

Follow the four simple steps of C.A.R.E. by watching our short videos below.


Closest defibrillator

C - Find your closest defibrillator



A - Be ready to spot the signs of cardiac arrest



R - Know how to resuscitate using CPR


Early defibrillation

E - Early defibrillation gives the best chance of survival

Download our free C.A.R.E. for a Heart guide

Filled with more information and activities to help you follow the four steps of C.A.R.E.


If you can’t find a defibrillator close by, why not fundraise for one in your community.
Contact us to find out more.